Cut + Strip  |  Wire processing machine

KODERA CASTING is a pioneer of the wire processing machine!


The excellent durability and accuracy won’t let you down.



◆Multifunction in one machine

Standard machine can also perform Double Sheath-strip, Divide-strip and Short mode in addition to Cut, Strip and Half-Strip. You can process a wide range of sizes from thin to thick wires and cables with abundant lineup.

Furthermore, core wire twisting, parallel wire slitting and intermediate stripping can be performed at the same time by combining options with the casting machine.


◆Ultra-high speed processing


◆User friendly + easy operation

You can operate intuitively in the interactive mode on 5.7 inch LCD touch panel. Anyone can operate it with just one touch, you can switch over 6 languages such as English, Chinese (Traditional/Simplified), Japanese, Korean and Polish.


◆High expandability

Communication with outside PC is possible.


◆Worldwide input is supported (100V-240V)


Casting C300A

Casting C370A

Wire size: AWG#16~36

Wire size: AWG#10~32

Casting C371A

Casting C381A

Wire size: AWG#7~28




Wire size: AWG#7~28

Belt feed type of C371A. Suitable for unlevel wire such as shield wire.

Casting C373A

Casting C376A

Wire size: AWG#2~28

Wire size: 60sq~0.75sq

Casting C385A

Casting C377G

Wire size: AWG#7~28

Wire size: 100sq~1.25sq


OP-7 Automatic wire feeder

CPD-06 Automatic wire supply unit

For winded wire

For bobbin wire

CC-100 Wire collector