Casting C300A

Compact & Economy

C300A has been esteemed basic performance, it became the most compact design and light weight that Kodera has ever made. Also, it is the lowest price machine in KODERA CASTING series.


It has better performance than the old model C300 and moreover has good performance of processing thin line.


Short wire processing

Best for short wire processing that minimum cutting length 20mm except strip length.

Processing capacity

Processing conditions:

▪Front / Rear strip length 3mm

▪Speed 9

▪Core diameter 0.6mm

▪Thin wire mode

Total Length  Processing Capacity
   100mm  5,200 pcs/hour

 4,650 pcs/hour

   300mm  4,230 pcs/hour
   500mm  3,600 pcs/hour
1,000mm  2,550 pcs/hour



Stripping Length  Front / Rear:0.1mm~20mm 
Cutting Length  0.1mm~99,999mm
Cutting Tolerance ± (0.1+0.0005×L) mm
Minimum processing Length L≧20mm*
Wire Size AWG#16 (1.25sq)~#36 (0.01sq) *Depends on the wire type
Wire Diameter Maxφ3.5mm *Depends on the wire type
Wire Type AVSS, VSF, IV, KV, UL, Teflon etc.
Power Supply AC100V, AC200V~240V 50/60Hz
Optional Equipment None
Dimension 370×370×296mm
Weight 24kg