Automatic Pull Tester  APT1000 / ATP500 / ATP250  |  Inspection Equipment

This pull tester allows anybody to measure the pull force of crimped wire accurately!

➤The force of crimped wire with terminal is measured as the load at the time that a crimped terminal is disconnected from a wire or the stripped wire part can be broken.

▪Easy-to-use. For measurement, you have only to push the start button once. It stops automatically when it detects wire breakage.




▪The terminal clamper firmly holds various terminals: box type, tab type, pin type and others. The wedge-shaped structure allows you to set a terminal in the clamper easily, preventing the terminal from coming out of the clamper.



▪The terminal clamper opens to 8mm; the wire clamper opens to 5mm (it accommodates the wire thicknesses from AWG28 to AWG10).




▪Data monitoring and storage on PC is possible. Therefore you can accumulate history data.



▪Compact, small footprint


Model & Capacity


Model : APT 250    ➤   Capacity : 245N( 25 kg)

Model : APT 500    ➤   Capacity : 490N( 50 kg)

Model : APT1000   ➤   Capacity : 980N(100kg)


Speed Range (All model) 50  (25 to  50 mm/min)  /  100 (50 to 100mm/min)  /  200 (100 to 200mm/min)
Pull Stroke 48 mm
Resolution 0.1N
Measurement Unit N / Kg / lb
Power Supply AC100V-240V
Power Consumption 19.2W
Data Output Analog voltage output, RS232C communication
Dimensions W180 × D285 × H170 mm
Weight Approx. 11kg