Casting C377G

Ultimate power potential!

C377G drives all eight rollers with independent motors. Since all four pairs of rollers open on both sides, the path line of the wire is always constant regardless of the thickness of the wire. By opening and closing the roller in the vertical / horizontal direction, damage to the processed wire is minimized, and stable cutting and stripping are always possible.

It can be easily moved and installed with casters.

Processing capacity

Processing conditions:

▪Front/Rear strip length 10mm

▪Core diameter 10mm

Total Length  Speed 9 Speed 7

740 pcs/hour

600 pcs/hour

   500mm 700 pcs/hour 570 pcs/hour
1,000mm 630 pcs/hour 510 pcs/hour
2,000mm 510 pcs/hour 420 pcs/hour
3,000mm 430 pcs/hour 350 pcs/hour
5,000mm 330 pcs/hour 270 pcs/hour



Stripping Length  Front:0.1mm~114mm / Rear:0.1mm~99mm 
Cutting Length  0.1mm~99,999mm
Cutting Tolerance ± (0.1+0.0005×L) mm
Wire Size 100sq~AWG#16 (1.25sq) *Depends on the wire type
Wire Diameter Maxφ20mm *Depends on the wire type
Wire Type Battery cable, WL1, WL2, VSF, IV, KV, Teflon etc.
Power Supply AC100V~240V 50/60Hz
Air Supply 8Nl/min 0.5MPa
Drive Supply Stepping motor / Air cylinder
Dimension 710×470×1,400mm
Weight 156kg