Casting C376A

The condensed tough performance

C376A can be widely used in a wide variety of industries since it corresponds to the round cable up to φ17mm maximum diameter.

Processing capacity

Processing conditions:

▪Front/Rear strip length 3mm

▪Core diameter 0.75mm

▪Program A200

Total Length  Processing Capacity
   100mm 1,710 pcs/hour

1,580 pcs/hour

   300mm 1,460 pcs/hour
   500mm 1,260 pcs/hour
1,000mm    970 pcs/hour
2,000mm    660 pcs/hour
3,000mm    500 pcs/hour



Cutting Length  0.1mm~99,999mm
Cutting Tolerance ± (0.1+0.0005×L) mm *L indicates a cutting length
Wire Size 50sq~0.75sq *Depends on the wire type
Wire Diameter Maxφ17mm *Depends on the wire type
Wire Type AV, MLFC, VSF, IV, KV, UL, Teflon etc.
Power Supply AC100V, AC200V~240V 50/60Hz
Air Supply 9Nl/min 0.5MPa
Optional Equipment None
Dimension 540×545×335mm
Weight 52kg