Casting C370A

High speed processing

C370A is a new model from C350 and C370, that the fastest machine in the Casting series. Maximum processing capacity is around 10,000 pcs/h. *L=50mm, both ends strip:3mm, speed:9, thin mode


Optional equipment for additional uses

The useful option would be a wire twisting machine CASY-637A. By using it with C370A, it can cut, strip and twist at the same time.


Processing capacity

Processing conditions:

▪Front / Rear strip length 3mm

▪Speed 9

▪Wire UL1007/AWG#22

▪Thin wire mode

Total Length  Processing Capacity
     50mm 10,500 pcs/hour
   100mm 10,300 pcs/hour

  9,100 pcs/hour

   300mm   8,700 pcs/hour
   500mm   7,600 pcs/hour
1,000mm   5,800 pcs/hour



Stripping Length  Front / Rear:0.1mm~30mm 
Cutting Length  0.1mm~99,999mm
Cutting Tolerance ± (0.1+0.0005×L) mm
Minimum processing Length L≧30mm*
Wire Size AWG#10 (5.5sq)~#32 (0.03sq) *Depends on the wire type
Wire Diameter Maxφ6mm *Depends on the wire type
Wire Type AVSS, VSF, IV, KV, UL, Teflon etc.
Power Supply AC100V, AC200V~240V 50/60Hz
Optional Equipment CASY-637A Automatic wire twisting unit
Dimension 430×450×270mm
Weight 26kg


Automatic Wire Twisting Unit

CASY-637A can smoothly react to catch up with changes of wire thickness and feeding speed. It is a truly speedy, quiet and precise twisting unit.