CASY-637A  Automatic Wire Twisting Unit


Latest wire twisting technology has been built into a compact body suitable for use with C370A.

Adjustment of the twisting force, switching of normal (Z twisting) and reverse (S twisting) and adjustment of twisting start position can be made by one-touch command operation.

Furthermore it can smoothly react to catch up with changes of wire thickness and/or feeding

speed by the micro computer control system. It is a truly speedy, quiet and precise twisting unit.


  Model   CASY-637A
  Outer Dimensions 〈CASY-637A〉   260×235×155mm
  〈CONTROL BOX〉 60×315×260mm
  Weight 〈CASY-637A〉     6.5kg
  〈CONTROL BOX〉 5.0kg
  Power Supply   AC100V~240V 50/60Hz single phase
  Power Consumption   Max:70W (AC100V)
  Dimension   1200×340×135mm
  Twisting Length   Front / Rear : Minimum 3mm
  Wire Size   AWG#14 (2sq)~#32 (0.03sq) *Depends on the wire type
  Drive   Stepping motor