MIRA440  Wire Stripper

Precise quality for coaxial, triaxial and hybrid cables!

It is particularly suitable for small to medium-sized series runs. 


・It is possible to multi-stage stripping of coaxial cables with a maximum outer diameter of 9φ.


・Supports coaxial cables with a maximum outer diameter of 9φ, a maximum strip length of 40 mm, and a maximum of 9 steps of stripping, and strip processing of a wide variety of electric wires and cables.


・MIRA440 realizes extremely high-precision strip processing by adopting a rotary blade method with two flat blades that combines a centralizer (a mechanism that guides the wire to the center).


・With the sequence processing function that combines with multiple different processing contents, such as wire size and stripping length are automatically changed from the memory, multi-coaxial cables and composite cables, and it is possible to greatly improve efficiency.


・Easy setting with a large touch screen.



・It is possible to save all setting and processing data easily using the memory function.


Model MIRA440
Function Full strip, semi-strip, twist (core wire twist)
Strippable wire size AWG#36~#6 (0.02~13m㎡)
Processable wire outer diameter size Up to 9mm
Processable minimum conductor diameter size 0.15mm
Number of processing steps 9
Twistable wire size AWG#26~#13 (0.14~2.5m㎡)
Maximum strip length 40mm
Maximum stroke length 44mm
Notch diameter setting unit 0.01mm
Strip length setting unit 0.01mm
Shortest insertion dimension 26mm
Blade type Rotary flat 2-flute
Number of items that can be registered in memory 1000
Power supply AC100~240V 50/Hz 130VA
External dimensions 141×290×473mm
Weight 14kg
CE compatibility Complies with EU directives on machine safety and electromagnetic compatibility.