MIRA340Q  Wire Stripper

Ideal for difficult-to-process wires!

Outstanding range of wire types – machines for demanding wires.


Mira 340 Q – ACD incision monitoring – useful

in more ways than one.

Achieves a significant quality improvement by installing the ACD (automatic conductor detection) function while maintaining the functions of MIRA340.  The ACD function is detecting the contact between the blade and the core wire, and realizes processing with stable quality by notifying the occurrence of core wire scratches during the stripping process. Besides, by using the ACD function, delicate parameter settings can be made automatically and easily. It makes shortened the set-up time.


・Supports strip processing of a wide range of wires from AWG#36 to #5.


 ・The rotary head with 4X blades offers unique functions designed to reduce production time and increase quality.


・It cuts in, then start stripping with 4 blades so that you can easily to strip difficult wires such as Teflon wire and thinly coated wires.


・It can also twist the core wire at the same time by pulling wires while blades rotating.


・With the sequence processing function that combines with multiple different processing contents, such as wire size and striping size are automatically changed from the memory, multi-core cables and composite cables, and it is possible to greatly improve efficiency.


・Easy setting with a large touch screen.


・It is possible to save all setting and processing data easily using the memory function.


Model MIRA340Q
Function Full strip, semi-strip, twist (core wire twist)
Processable wire size AWG#36~#5 (0.013~16m㎡)
Processable wire outer diameter size AWG#26~#13 (0.14~2.5m㎡)
Strip length Up tp 8φ
Tip cut length 0.01~72mm
Maximum stroke length 29mm
Maximum possible wire size for tip cutting 0.01mm
Notch diameter setting unit 0.1mm
Strip length setting unit 15mm
Shortest insert dimension Rotary 4-flute
Cycle time 2.3sec/time * Depends on the setting conditions
Number of items that can be registered in memory 3000
Power supply AC100~240V/120VA
External dimensions 141×290×473mm
Weight 11kg
CE compatibility Complies with EU directives on machine safety
and electromagnetic compatibility.