MIRA230  Wire Stripper

The smartest way to process multi-conductor cables!

・Supports strip processing of a wide range of wires from AWG#32 to #8.


・Easy setting with a large touch screen.


・With the sequence processing function that combines with multiple different processing contents, such as wire size and striping size are automatically changed from the memory, multi-core cables and composite cables, and it is possible to greatly improve efficiency.


・The trimming (tip cut) function realizes a stable production for strip processing which requiring dimensional accuracy.


・It is possible to save all setting and processing data easily using the memory function.


Model MIRA230
Function Full strip, semi-strip, tip cut, multi-strip
Processable wire size AWG#32~#8 (0.03~8m㎡)
Processable wire outer diameter size Up to 6.5φ
Strip length 0.01~46mm
Tip cut length 1.5~46mm
Maximum stroke length 46mm
Maximum possible wire size for tip cutting AWG#14 (2m㎡)
Notch diameter setting unit 0.01mm
Strip length setting unit 0.01mm
Shortest insert dimension Standard gripper: 11mm / Thin gripper 8mm
Cycle time 0.35sec/time * Depends on the setting conditions
Number of items that can be registered in memory 1500
Power supply AC100~240V/120VA
External dimensions 141×290×473mm
Weight 11kg
CE compatibility Complies with EU directives on machine safety
and electromagnetic compatibility.