C550SZTSe- Full Automatic Single End Crimping Unit

& Single End Twisting and Soldering Unit


Optional functions can be customized depends on your needs!



C550SZe - Standard machine

Full Automatic Single End Crimping Unit



C550SZTe   ➤ C550SZ + CASY-645


 + Single End Twisting Unit



C550SZSe   ➤ C550SZ + CS-055


 + Single End Soldering Unit



C550SZTSe ➤ C550SZ + CASY-645 + CS-055


 + Single End Twisting and Soldering Unit

CASY-645 Automatic Wire Twisting Unit

Easy to adjust the amount of twisting and the grasping strength, and enable to set up the best twisting for each wires and single end twisting or double end twisting by one-touch operation.

CS-055 Soldering Unit

The new mechanism CS-055 which is a stationary solder bath ensures high quality and high economy.

The filter plate in the rotating bath constantly removes impurity which floats due to its light specific gravity. That enables the surface of the solder to always be clean and smooth.

In addition, it is more economical since only the required amount of solder is fed from the solder reel.


To the solder bath, it enable to adjust dipping speed, depth, time and removal speed individually depending on the wire size and the required amount of solder by one-touch operation.

▪Temperature control panel

Control and maintain the solder temperature digitally.

▪Splash free flux mechanism

There are two rollers (upper/lower) rotate in sync with a wire when it passes between them. This reduces the splashing of flux. You can adjust the amount of flux as much as you need.

CFM Crimp force monitor

The load cell, which is installed in the ram of crimping unit, measures the precise crimping force for every terminal crimping. Since an encoder is used to control all the angles, measurement timing does not change regardless of voltage fluctuation.

CHA Crimp height automatic reproduction mechanism

Crimp quality is controlled by the crimp height. Since crimp force is related to the crimp height, the C551SSAZ automatically adjusts the crimp force (crimp height), when the crimp force value is specified. Settings can be saved in memory function.

◆One machine to cover thin and thick wires!

CASTUGNON covers a wide range of wire size: #32~#12. You need only one machine to perform all different processing, which conventionally required three to four different machines.

◆User friendly + easy operation

Clear large size full-color LCD touch panel. The interactive picture panel is available for 6 languages, Japanese, English, Korean, traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese and Indonesian.

Processing capacity (C550SZTSe)

Processing conditions:


▪Wire : 0.5sq(AWG#20)

▪Front and Rear : 4.5mm strip

▪Thin wire mode

▪Speed : all set to 9

▪Core wire diameter : 0.8mm

▪Cutter move back / 0.2mm

▪Grip position : 25

▪Covering diameter : 1mm

▪Using CPF-05A

▪Air pressure : 0.5Mpa

▪Soldering depth : ±0

▪Soldering time : 0.1sec

▪Delay time after soldering : 0sec

▪Twisting factor : 1

▪Gripper kolding time : 0.08sec


Total Length  Number of Processed wires 
   100mm 4,740 pcs/hour

4,400 pcs/hour

   300mm 4,050 pcs/hour
   500mm 3,450 pcs/hour
   800mm 2,950 pcs/hour
1,000mm  2,650 pcs/hour

*This is the maximum level measured at Kodera. It may be under the level written here

  due to the type of the wire or terminal and also other processing conditions.


Model C550SZTSe  

Setting Range


Front : 0.1~30mm / Rear : 0.1~30mm

 *Total length of front and rear strip is 47mm or less.


Minimum Processing Dimension

L4 ≧ 40mm  
Maximum Cutting Length  99,999mm (Approx.100m)
Cutting Tolerance  Within ±(0.2+0.002×L) mm  *L=Cutting length
Crimping Terminal

    Open barrel chain terminal (Left-to-right side feed, End feed)

Crimping Capacity     2.5ton
Stroke     30mm or 40mm
Power Rating     Single phase  AC200V~AC240V  50/60Hz
Air Supply (Nℓ/min 0.5Mpa)     45
Power Consumption     At rest : 527w / Max : 992w
Width × Length × Height     1120 × 765 × 1550 mm
Weight     355 kg
Applicable Wire Diameter     AWG#12~#32  (Depends on the wire type)
Applicable Wire Type     AV, AVS, AVSS, CAVUS, KV, KIV, UL, IV, Teflon wire, Glass wire etc.