Casting C372A Corrugated tube cutter

Evolved corrugated tube cutter

With the "guillotine flat cutter" system, it's realized more beautiful cut surface of the tube. C372A can cut corrugated tubes with almost right-angled cutting surfaces by providing guide pipes on the left and right of the cutting blade. Running costs are reduced by using a OLFA knife blade for the cutting blade.


Optional equipment for smooth supply

High-precision cutting processing can be performed by combining and using CPF-02B + CCS-02.

Processing capacity

Processing conditions:

▪Speed 7

▪Tube diameter 11mm

Total Length Processing Capacity
50mm 6,600 pcs/hour
100mm 6,200 pcs/hour
500mm 4,050 pcs/hour
1,000mm 2,700 pcs/hour
2,000mm 1,600 pcs/hour