High reliable standard machine from global users, "KODERA CASTUGNON"


◆Super Precise Crimp Force Monitor (CFM) is installed as Standard

This state of the art crimp force monitor detects any wire error. The load cell, which is installed in the ram of crimping unit, measures the precise crimping force for every terminal crimping. Since an encoder is used to control all the angles, measurement timing does not change regardless of voltage fluctuation.


◆Crimp Force (Crimp Height) Automatic Setting (CHA)

Crimp quality is controlled by the crimp height. Since crimp force is related to the crimp height, the C551SZe automatically adjusts the crimp force (crimp height), when the crimp force value is specified. Settings can be saved in memory function.


◆One Machine to Cover Thin and Thick Wire

CASTUGNON covers a wide range of wire size: #32~#12. You need only one machine to perform all different processing, which conventionally required three to four different machines. This provides great financial and business advantages.


◆Applicator from Any Manufacturer Can be Used

Using the attachment base of each manufacturer, you can attach and detach any type of applicator.


◆Crimping of Flag-shaped Terminals

Allows switching from the standard terminal processing to the flag-shaped terminal processing with control panel.


◆Mechanical Design Assures Stable Performance

A swivel turntable, with little inertia, transports the wires from the cutting and stripping position to the crimping position. The newly developed 45Aaswivel drum is very logical, efficient and fast in transporting wires, thus ensuring maximum stability in the quality of processed wires.


◆Newly Employ Gripper For Rear End Stripping

In order to further improve the rear end finish of short wires, the gripper mechanism has been recently employed. A quick response stepping motor can be easily adjusted to gently but firmly grasp the wire.


◆Process History Data Storage

 By storing the monitor data, quality control is simplified.


◆Clear large size full-color LCD touch panel


The interactive picture panel is available for 10 languages, Japanese, English, Korean, traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese, Spanish, Vietnamese, and Indonesia, Russian and Polish.