KM-3100  Digital Cutting Machine

Suitable for tube cutting such as shrink tube, PVC tube etc.


Easy to operate

The simple designed control panel helps you to use it very easily.


Reel stand is provided

The reel stand that can set bobbins up to a radius of 250 mm is built into the main body.


Optional equipment for removing static 

The useful option would be a static remover COP-314. A cut material sticks to the cutting blade and it causes cutting errors sometimes. COP-314 will remove the static remaining between the blades and the material and minimize cutting errors over periods of extended use.

Static remover COP-314



Model KM-3100 KM-3200 KM-3300 KM-3400
Cutting Width 100mm 200mm 300mm 400mm
Cutting Material Shrink tube, Silicon tube, PVC tube, Hose, Rubber, Tin/Copper plate,
Wire, Braided wire, Paper, Film, etc.
Cutting Length 0.1 ~ 9,999.9mm
Cutting pieces 1 ~ 99,999pcs
Power Supply AC110V or 220V   50/60Hz
Optional equipment COP-314 Static-Remover
Dimension 395 x 265 x 355mm 395 x 365 x 355mm 410 x 500 x 345mm 410 x 600 x 345mm
Weight 21kg 25kg 43kg 47kg