M-211J  Semi-Automatic Crimping Machine

▪For continuous (chain) terminals


Universal crimping machine

All types of applicators can be installed by changing attachment parts. 


Increased productivity

M211J can process both side-feed terminal and end-feed terminal in the same crimping position.


Compact & Noiseless

Since there is no flywheel, it saves space and realized that compact body. It runs at an average of 10dB more quietly during the usual crimping operations.


Optional equipment for additional uses


The optional equipment, wire strip unit SC-13 will increase your work efficiency significantly. You can perform the wire stripping and the terminal crimping in one operation by combining and using M-211J + SC-13. Besides, SC-13 is very easy to operate as you can set up the wire stripping length, the terminal crimping position and the blade cutting depth on the control panel and also it memorizes the processing data.

SC-13 wire strip unit 


Model M-211J
Adaptable Crimp Applicators  JST, TYCO, AMP, MOLEX, JAE, HRS, NT, JAM, YAZAKI (87 type)       
Crimping Capacity 1.5ton (1.47KN)
Press Stroke 30mm
Shut Height 160mm±3mm
Cycle Time 0.32 sec/cycle
Motor 400w
Power Supply M-211J : AC100V  /  M-212J : AC200V    50/60Hz 
Dimension 450 × 430 × 403 mm   *Excluding the reel stand
Weight 72kg