TW110 | Taping Tool



TW110 is a tape winding machine for binding wire harnesses. 


▪A roller assist function solved the problems of the quality and work time variations, and heavy work burden from the conventional manual work.



▪Pattern setting can be easily changed according to specification such as half lap and rough winding.


It realizes light weight and space saving.


Model   TW110
Applicable Work Diameter   φ8mm~φ30mm
Tape Material   Vinyl, Cloth
Tape Size

  Width: 15~19mm

  Inside(Core) Diameter: φ30mm~φ35mm

  Outside Diameter: ~φ95mm

Air Consumption   5L /min
Power Input



Dimensions   W220 × D480 × H470 mm
Weight   24.0 kg

Other Functions





▪Rotation speed setting

▪Pitch setting between tapes

▪Tape holder is exchangeable

▪Auxiliary cutter is included

▪Guide roller (*option)

- Winding Pattern -

*Some of usable tapes may not be used as depends on the material and tape brand.