KTHB Smart | Taping Tool


 Foot switch operation type! /



KTHB Smart is a stationary taping tool required minimum space.


Suitable for production of shorter tape lengths and unit quantities and can use wide processing range of tape widths and roll sizes. Made for fast, easy handling thanks to an open winding head controlled with a foot pedal.


Immediately ready for operation in various work positions without major preparation or training thanks to extremely easy installation and operation.





▪Easy to install in a minimum space

▪Shorten work time thanks to simple and ergonomic handling

▪Consistent tape tension, guaranteed wrinkle-free taping

▪Suitable for production of shorter tape lengths and unit quantities



Model KTHB Smart

Taping from short to medium distances

Tape Material All conventional adhesive tapes
Tape Width 9~19 mm, optional 25 mm
Tape Core Diameter 

1.5" and 3", optional 1.25" or 1"

Tape Outer Diameter 

Max. 110 mm

Taping Diameter

3~25 mm
Rotational Speed 120~380 rpm
Power Supply 110~230 V, 50/60 Hz
Working Voltage 19V DC
Dimensions W150 × H250 × D256 mm
Weight 4.2 kg

*Some of usable tapes may not be used as depends on the material and tape brand.