KTHB Mini | Taping Tool


\ High-speed rotation! /



KTHB Mini is a mobile, electric taping machine for use on assembly boards.


High rotational speeds enable processing twice as fast as conventional processing with overlap taping. This makes it possible to tape longer segments quickly and easily.


Easy-to-control and consistent tape tension guarantees  wrinkle-free taping.




▪Time savings thanks to high winding speeds

▪Operable in various working positions with minimum training

▪Developed for production of longer tape lengths

▪Efficient for overlap taping for lengths from half a meter

▪Highest quality in a manually guided process 


Model KTHB Mini

For short / long segments in both directions on form and assembly boards

Tape Material All conventional adhesive tapes
Tape Width 9~19 mm
Tape Core Diameter 

1,5", optional 1,25" or 1"

Tape Outer Diameter 

Max. 110 mm

Taping Diameter

3~20 mm

Feed Rate 

Manually configurable

Required distance

between harness and board

Min. 100 mm * Depending on the outer diameter of the adhesive tape roll
Rotational Speed 120~280 rpm
Power Supply 110~240 V, 50/60 Hz
Working Voltage 19V DC
Dimensions W150 × H320 × D120 mm
Weight 1.73 kg

*Some of usable tapes may not be used as depends on the material and tape brand.