KTHB Micro | Taping Tool


\ High quality in a manually guided process! /



KTHB Micro makes taping and spot taping incredibly easy, even on the assembly board.


This machine is the first step towards reproducible quality compared with manual taping. Consistent tape tension and an ergonomic motion lead to a uniform slope and wrinkle-free surface.


Developed for production of shorter tape lengths and it processes conventional adhesive tape widths up to 19mm and a tape core diameter of 1,5" or 1,25".





▪Time savings through continuous taping process

▪Cutting device is equipped

▪Suitable for shorter tape lengths

▪Guarantee winkle-free taping through consistent tape tension



Model KTHB Micro

For all taping and spot taping processes,

can also be used directly on form and assembly boards

Tape Material All conventional adhesive tapes
Tape Width 9~19 mm
Tape Core Diameter 

1.5" or 1.25", optional 1"

Required distance

between harness and board

100 mm
Taping Diameter 3~20 mm
Dimensions W155 × H250 × D30 mm
Weight 0.36 kg

*Some of usable tapes may not be used as depends on the material and tape brand.