TWX5 | Taping Tool



▪TWX5 is a tape winding machine with half lap and rough winding for binding wire harnesses.


▪Stationary type required minimum space.


▪Enable to change a rotation speed (8 patterns) and a revolution number by a digital switch.


Model TWX5
Applicable Work Diameter φ5mm~φ30mm
Tape Material Vinyl, Cloth
Tape Size

Width: 19mm

Inside Diameter: φ30mm~φ35mm

Outside Diameter: ~φ75mm

Noise  60dB
Power Input


Dimensions W205 × D240 × H214 mm
Weight  5.0 kg
Accessory Foot switch

- Winding Pattern -

*Some of usable tapes may not be used as depends on the material and tape brand.