Continuity Tester  |  Wire Harness Tester

10-circuit to 50-circuit!

Continuity checker for wire harness & cable


▪You can check for disconnection, incorrect wiring, and short circuit.


▪High speed repeating test.


▪Just by connecting the test piece to the machine, judges OK or NG  (Open, Short, Mix) instantly.


▪Very easy to find out the error point because an error lamp is prepared  to an each circuit.


▪Up to 100 circuits can be confirmed by connecting two units.





(10 circuits)


(20 circuits) 


(20~30 circuits)


(20~40 circuits)


(20~50 circuits)


1.  Reliable testing


・When switched on the power, checks lighting of lamps. When switched on the power, error indication lamps up to circuit number specified will be lighted up for 5 seconds, which executes the self-checking of the machine. 


・Repeat testing

Repeat test will be done with high speed (1/50 second for 50 circuits).  For example, if the machine would be kept with OK state for 1 seconds, it means 50 circuits test piece was tested repeatedly 50 times for within 1 seconds.


・Countermeasure to an electrostatic and noise

As a protective countermeasure to the electrostatic and noise has fully been done, you can use these machine at ease even at the environment of harsh usage conditions.



2.  Easy operation


・No need to do except power On・Off operation.  So, no mis-operation.


・There are fixed in and out terminals for each circuit to which insert the relative connectors of the test circuit. All you have to do is just "connect". Then, OK or NG will be shown with the lamp indication and beep sound instantly. 



3.   Easy to find the error circuit and straight confirmation of OK test piece


・Prepared error indication lamp to each circuit and shows the error circuit  (Open, Mix, and Short).


・Also, as you can mark the wire color, circuit number, etc. on the lower area of the error indication lamp of the front board, very easy to find out the error circuit. When the test piece was passed test, OK lamp will light up and a tremolo sound to be heard. Further, OK signal will be output (for an external accessory like tape cutter).



4.   Available to test a branch circuit and set up the test circuit quantity.


・Available to test even if there is a branch in the circuit.


・Possible to set up the test circuit quantity as you like.

 Example : When you want to test 15 circuits using model WP-30B for 30 circuits machine) 



5.   Up to 100 circuits testing


・By connecting two sets, the circuit test can be done up to 100 circuits. (Coupling is up to  2 sets)

 Example :  WP-50B + WP-50B = 100 circuits    WP-30B + WP-50B = 80 circuits



Model   WP-10A-D, WP-20B-D, WP-30B-D, WP-40B-D, WP-50B-D
Test Circuit Capacity 10~50 circuits *Max. 100 circuits using 2 sets
Test Sensitivity More than 2KΩ for Open / Less than 1.5Ω for Short
Test Time 400μsec / circuit (0.02 second for 50 circuits)
Test Voltage and Currency DC5V / 2mA
External Output OK signal output (open collector output)
Capacity Between Wires 0.03μF
Display Red LED for each circuit (50 pcs. LEDs for 50 circuits)
Testing Connector 34-pin connector  

AC input voltage

  and consumption power

AC85V~264V / 10VA
Dimension W220 × D210 × H174 mm