BFC-50 Belt-feed tube cutter

Suitable for variety of materials!

BFC-50 can be customized to meet your specific needs.


▪Applicable tube : O.D.30mm maximum


Belt-feed type realized the quality processing with rough tubes such as corrugated tubes.


▪The encoder system helps to prevent length inaccuracy.



Measures and cuts various tubes automatically.


The memory function realized smooth set-up and changeover.


Setting the number of tubes are being processed in advance, and notify you with an alarm when the process is completed.


   Dimensions :           D:435mm × W:280mm × H:390mm

                    *Not including front guide and operation panel


   Weight :             18kg


   Power supply :          Single-phase  100V  50/60Hz  5A


   Carrying method :         Two pairs of synchronized upper/lower belts


   Standard belt :            Model:MA5  Width:50mm


   Cutting method :           Vertical parallel blade locus by crank


   Cutting motor :           Brushless speed control motor


   Standard cutting blade :      Model:LB10K 


   Width:18mm  Length :      100mm  Thickness:0.4mm


   Conveyor belt pressure control :  Fix belt interval by lock knob *Don't touch it


   Cutting blade vertical stroke :    40mm


   Acceptable work size :      H:30mm  W:50mm


   Maximum traction :       140N


   Maximum cutting force :       200N (based on motor torque)


   Number of memory capacity :   99


   Units of cutting length :         0.1mm


   Range of cutting length :       0.1mm ~ 99999mm


   Range of acceleration / deceleration : 0.1sec ~ 5.0sec


   Range of feed speed :      40mm/sec ~ 900mm/sec


   Carriage motor :             2-phase stepper motor


   External input / output function :   Emergency stop / starting signal / stop signal


   Operation box :           600mm operation box with cable that can install

                    on the machine by magnet