Automatic pull tester  APT1000 / 500 / 250  |  Inspection equipment

This pull tester allows anybody to measure the pull force of crimped wire accurately.

This makes it easier to ensure traceability.


The force of crimped wire with terminal is measured as the load at the time that a crimped terminal is disconnected from a wire or the stripped wire part can be broken.


The terminal clamper firmly holds various terminals: box type, tab type, pin type and others. The wedge-shaped structure allows you to set a terminal in the clamper easily, preventing the terminal from coming out of the clamper.


▪Compact, small footprint


▪The terminal clamper opens to 8mm; the wire clamper opens to 5mm (it accommodates the wire thicknesses from AWG28 to AWG10).


▪Easy-to-use. For measurement, you have only to push the start button once. It stops automatically when it detects wire breakage.


▪Data monitoring and storage on PC is possible. Therefore you can accumulate history data.


Model  APT250  APT500  APT1000
Capacity     245N(25kg)  490N(50kg)  980N(100kg)


Speed range

(for all models)

 ・ 50  (  25 to  50 mm/min)

 ・100 (  50 to 100mm/min)

 ・200 (100 to 200mm/min)

Pull stroke  48mm


Measurement unit  N / kg / lb

Power supply &

Power consumption 

 AC100-240V / 19.2W
Data output  Analog voltage output, RS232C communication              
Dimensions  W 180mm x D285mm x H170mm
Weight  Approx. 11kg