Wire harness tester  MTP1

Industry standard of the Harness Tester!



▪Continuity Test

▪Momentary disconnection test

▪Low Resistance Test

▪Withstand voltage test

▪insulation resistance test



・Data management and control by PC.


・The Test conditions are set automatically.


・It gives stable voltage output without influence of a change of power supply by high voltage of DC-AC Inverter.


・It apply high voltage to every group by memorized data so it can test for a short time.


・It is the all-in-one type that contained all functions. It is a space-saving type too.


・It is checking disconnection and false wiring by searching a probe in a line of the opening side.



・The point is four types. And The expansion is possible by building more circuit board.

 (From 64p to 128p or 192p or 256p)