Crimp cross section monitor  CS-07  |  Inspection equipment

With an increasing demand for electronic devices, automobiles, and similar applications, wiring harness are now required to have higher functionality and product quality than ever. Cross section analysis is frequently done to analyze what is going on inside the crimp barrel.


It is significantly essential to have a device that can cut and polish the terminals within a matter of minute, while the crimp cross section surfaces have to be clean and clear. On top of that, cross section analysis is also a time-consuming task. Therefore, it is very important that operators can finish the cross-section analysis within a short period of time.


▪Extremely Convenient

All cross-section preparing processes from cutting, grinding, etching to analyzing are integrated in one system.


▪No longer need epoxy samples

The cutting and grinding process is completely automatic and does not require to make epoxy samples. It only takes approx. 1 minute.


▪User Friendly

CS07 is equipped with an advanced digital touch panel and an optimal user interface. Even less experienced operators can handle it easily.



Transmission Systems  Cutting and Polishing: DC Motor
Applicable sample range  0.05sq - 60.0sq (Equivalent AWG30~AWG1/0)
Sandpaper  Ф120mm (1,200 grain size)
Power Supply  AC100V ~ 240V(50/60Hz)
Dimensions  W500 x D522 x H693 mm
Weight  50kg
Microscope lens  Magnification 0.7x ~ 4.5x (Angle of view: 12.7mmx9.2mm~2.0mmx1.5mm)
Camera Resolution  USB Camera 1.3 megapixels


The new model of Electrolyte Etching Device - CEL03 together with new Cross Section Analysis software - CS07HI will guarantee to give a quick solution for measuring any terminal cross section surfaces.


▪ CEL-03

▪ CS07HI